Spring | Summer 2019

In this section, you will find the best spring summer fashion for women. The research on the materials and the attention to details improves this fresh and contemporary collection, designed for women who look for the expression of their beauty through simplicity.

In our spring summer 2019 proposals, knit is crucial. From a blouse, a jacket, or a dress, to a patterned t-shirt. This season fashion is designed to combine comfort and freshness, without leaving style aside.

We have options for every occasion: formal dresses for events such as a wedding, a baptism or other similar events. And on the other hand, more informal options for the occasions where you want to dress more casual.

Any option that you may choose among all our spring summer clothes will be a great choice, since we pay attention to every detail so that you can dress smartly without losing your comfort. Moreover, we adapt to the trends.


Much more than knit

We are specialists in knit jackets for women, shirt-like dresses, blouses, shirts and other items for the summer. Knit goes beyond seasons, since it is usually related to winter, but in Scorzzo we like to guarantee and continue with the quality, the comfort and the style that it provides.

Taking care of your spring outfit is a much easier task if you are in good hands and you choose the suitable clothes for each occasion. Scorzzo has a wide range of possibilities, both in knit and in other options.

If you want dresses for the summer, blouses for the hottest days or any knit garment for the time when you fancy wearing something light, take a look to our online catalogue, we are sure you would like to wear it right now.


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