The clothing brand Scorzzo was created in 1988 by Rizzolo S.L., which made clothes for big brands. In 2013, the Spanish brand Scorzzo celebrated its 25th anniversary from its foundation. During two decades of hard work, Scorzzo has managed to offer its clients the best fashion garments for every moment of the year. To be outlined the spring summer collection and the items of the autumn winter season. Currently, Scorzzo is present in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece and Mexico.


Clothes for the everyday life, for weddings, holy communions, baptisms and parties. The versatility of Scorzzo garments.

Scorzzo has become an exclusive option when it comes to buying women’s clothes. We are specialist in finding the balance in each item. We are able to dress you with clothes that combine perfectly the comfort with the attractive design. And this is what today’s women look for: comfortable items which are also smart.

One of the characteristics of Scorzzo’s clothes is that they are suitable for every kind of event, since to the simplicity of the informality, other details are added such as the ones which make them maintain its glamour. And that is why you can buy clothes for baptisms, weddings, holy communions, parties or even for a weekend trip in our associate shops.

In Scorzzo we like to innovate with the manufacturing techniques and in our designs. Moreover, all the processes that we use to make our textile products are carried out using renewable energies.


Knit fashion: a speciality of Scorzzo

We are experts in knit clothes production. You can find jumpers for women, dresses, jackets and other items. And with all that, we care about our clients and try to offer a wide range of possibilities to them. That is why you can also find different fabrics and styles, such as patterned T-shirts, plain shirts, with frills or with other details, among many other options for women. You can see all our garments in the online catalogue, and then you can choose the ones that you like best and buy them in the associate shops.


Scorzzo: fashion for smart and comfortable women

When it comes to smart women’s clothes, we usually think about refusing to comfort, but with the Scorzzo selection we manage to combine all the necessities that women require from clothes. Scorzzo is a brand which cares about today’s women and wants them to enjoy each event of the day to day.


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